What metrics am I able to measure with Horizon?
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What Metrics am I able to measure with Horizon?

Horizon provides you with robust and significant insights that will support your business case and help you to make data-driven product development decisions.

Our metrics are bundled into three “buckets” of data to help you understand more clearly what your data is telling you.

  1. Customer Demand Score

  2. Interest by the target group

  3. User acceptance

Take a look below at the metrics that will appear on your performance dashboard, once you’ve run a test through Horizon.

1. Customer Demand Score (CDS)

The CDS tells you on a scale of 1-10 how much market demand there is for your offering.

Below the CDS, you see the Significance Rating of your test. It provides you an indication of whether the reached audience for the test is large enough for significance, based on the number of unique visitors on your landing page.

The sub-categories of the CDS comprise three parts, Customer Interest KPIs, Customer Demand KPIs and Customer Validity KPIs. These segments tell you on a more granular level, how well your product performed on all these fronts.

2. Interest in the Target Group (Ads)

The interest of your target group is indicated by the performance of your ads. Horizon is measuring the following for you here:

  1. Ad performance (cost per click and cost per visit)

  2. Unique landing page visitors

  3. Ad spending throughout the entire test

  4. Click-through rate to understand the ratio between Ad-Impressions and Clicks (the higher the better/more relevant your offering is for the potential customer)